Heather McGregor – «Mrs Moneypenny» –: Careers Advice For Ambitious Women

Before the talk – Heather McGregor knows how to use every minute.

«You can’t have it all, but you have to do it all», was one of the bottom lines of Heather McGregor’s inspiring talk in the main auditorium (Aula) of the University. She explained with lots of humour how to be successful: «Your week has 168 hours, it’s the same for everyone, think carefully on how you want to spend that time.» Work and maybe family may take a big slice out of it, but is it really necessary, that you fill the dishwasher yourself? Couldn’t it be something your husband does, one of your children or some household help, if you can afford it? Besides getting a good education and juggle your everyday life, it’s important to develop a «third dimension», she said. It can be a sport or some unpaid activity, charity etc. Something that adds a different role and new people to your life. She did not just talk about having a CV, which transmits within 45 seconds three important messages, but that it’s very important to be an active alumnus or alumna. «Your university will be part of your CV all your life, so keep in touch and do something, however small, to help your university to thrive and maintain a strong reputation». But even though the key skills of successful women are hard work, delegation, self-promotion and financial literacy, Heather went beyond that. She finally talked about first impressions, why hair matters and about the «pimping of your handbag». The audience was roaring with laughter and loved her for a perfect combination of focused advice and a big dose of British humour. 

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